Double Denim

Hey Loves! I hope all is Blessed and Fabulous with each of you! As I have reflected on my life’s path and after speaking with friends and associates, I want to encourage you to DREAM! With DREAMing comes FAITH and HOPE. All things are Possible with sacrifice and tenacity. You are capable of ALL things…

“Walk away from anything or anyone who takes away from your joy. Life is too short to put up with fools.” “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo “The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to…


“Over-thinking kills your happiness, insecurities kills your self-esteem, & lies kills your trust.” ~@girlposts All LOVE,  Muah!

Be and Do

Hey Love Bugs! I am wishing you a Blessed and Fab Week! Stop trying to make everything happen and simply claim your position.  Don’t look at what is happening around you; focus on your vision.  Instead of focusing on contingency, live with intention.   Sometimes you just need to BE and Do. Be You. Be in…

It’s a Wrap Part 2

Is that Velvet? 🙂 I laugh at this pic every time! A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline. ~ Harvey MacKay HAPPY FRIDAY!! **Stay tuned for a SURPRISE next week!** All LOVE, Muah!

It’s a Wrap Part 1

I LOVE head wraps and cowgirl boots! I was definitely feeling this casual look. 🙂 “Only great minds can afford a simple style.” ~ Stendhal All LOVE, Muah!