Overwhelmed But NOT Defeated


This quote that I composed months ago, is definitely necessary today. It was necessary last week! I believe that our struggles and pain that we experience as a result of living and fumbling through life is not for ourselves, it is indeed for the next person who is going through a similar situation or who will. This season of my life has been THE darkest and most challenging season that I have ever experienced. As a result of this season, I have felt so abondoned and alone, vulnerable, and as if I am on a continuous emotional roller coaster. The more I have tried to be fair and hope for peace in the midst, the more I have been faced with conflict. The more that I have been able to accomplish and do for others, the more I have experienced discord. Through all of the things that I have experienced and that I am currently experiencing, I am thankful for God having his Hand on me as evidenced by my ability to smile most days in spite of the whirlwind that is trying to consume me. I am thankful that my heart has not been hardened and for the desire to be a representation of peace instead of discord. I am thankful for God’s love that shines through me, giving me a heart and mind to pour into others who are in a vulnerable space so that their feelings of abandonment and loneliness are infrequent.  I am thankful for God allowing me to learn another lesson through this thing called life and allowing me to choose me without the input, distractions, and poor advice from others. Again, it has been and is so overwhelming but I know that it will be worth it because my outcome will be greater. 

I encourage you to share this and save it because life is hard and sometimes, it is so overwhelming that it knocks us to our knees. Remember, that this is the perfect position to pray and focus on God’s power instead of our own inadequacies. 




2 Comments Add yours

  1. mznappylove1 says:

    I pray next season is better and has more smiles for you

    1. Joí Iman says:

      How sweet! I claim it and believe it! Thank you for taking the time to send this. It means more than you know! ❤️

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