Ministry Through Pain

As I reflect on God’s Goodness as well as my gifts and purpose, It is necessary that I share the amazing story of strength, purpsose, and pain as told by Mrs. Kenya Marsh of Birmingham, AL. In March of 2017, Mrs. Marsh was diagnosed with Breast cancer. As a wife, mother, and Mental Health Professional, she spends her days pouring into her family and a vulnerable population. My gifts and purpose was never deposited in me for my benefit alone. When God designed me, it was always His hope that I used that which he gave me to influence others for His glory. I was honored and thankful for the heart and desire to pour into this amazing woman who so selflessly pours into others daily.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, I was fortunate enough to Honor Mrs. Kenya Marsh by celebrating her with a photoshoot and platform in the form a video to inspire the world.



Get The Look:

Velvet Crossover Dress


Solid Version of Earrings


Photographer / Videographer: @ccmoselyreaig

Makeup: @deesbeautyxchange


I encourage you to view the video in full Here

You will end feeling inspired and grateful!






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