What Makes God Smile

Hello Beautiful People!

Each day, we are faced with decisions that either turn us toward God or away from God. Of course, when we make decisions that bring us closer to God, He SMILES! If you were not aware, once upon a time, Noah was the only person who made God Smile. The Bible says, “Noah was a pleasure to the Lord.” (Genesis 6:8). If you look at it, because of Noah, you and I are alive today…Thank you, God and Noah! 🙂 From his life, we are able to see and understand the five acts of worship that make God Smile.

  1. God Smiles When We Love Him Supremely. The Bible tells us that for his entire life, “Noah consistently followed God’s will and enjoyed a close relationship with  Him.” (Genesis 6:9) This is what God wants most from us; a relationship!
  2. God Smiles When We Trust Him Completely. The second reason Noah pleased God was that he trusted God, even when it didn’t make sense. The Bible says, “By faith, Noah built a ship in the middle of dry land. He was warned about something he couldn’t see, and acted on what he was told…As a result, Noah became intimate with God.” (Hebrews 11:7) When God instructed Noah to build a giant ship that would save him and the animals, there were three problems that could have caused Noah to doubt. First, Noah had never seen rain, because prior to the Flood, God irrigated the earth from the ground up. Second, Noah lived hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean. Even if he could learn to build a ship, how would he get it to water? Third, there was the problem of rounding up all the animals and then caring for them. But Noah didn’t complain or make excuses. He trusted God completely, and that made God smile. Trusting God completely means having faith that he knows what is best for your life. It took Noah 120 years to build the ark. Yes, 120 YEARS. I am certain that he faced many discouraging days. With no sign of rain year after year, he was ruthlessly criticized as a “crazy man who thinks God speaks to him.”
  3. God Smiles When We Obey Him Wholeheartedly. Saving the animals from a worldwide flood required great attention to logistics and details. Everything had to be done just as God prescribed it. God didn’t say, “Build any old boat you’d like, Noah.” He gave very detailed instructions as to the size, shape, and materials of the ark as well as the different numbers of animals to be brought on Board. The Bible tells is Noah’s response: ” So Noah, did everything exactly as God had commanded him.” (Genesis 6:22) Noah obeyed God wholeheartedly. That means doing whatever God asks without reservation or hesitation. We should NOT procrastinate and say, “I’ll pray about it.” You do it without delay. God doesn’t owe you an explanation or reason for everything he asks you to do. Understanding can wait, but obedience can’t. Obedience unlocks understanding.
  4. God Smiles When We Praise and Thank Him Continually. The Bible tells us, “The steps of the godly are directed by the Lord. He delights in every detail their lives.” (Psalm 37:23) EVERY human activity, except sin, can be done for God’s pleasure if you do it with an attitude of praise. God especially enjoys watching you use the talents and abilities He has given you. The Bible says, “He has shaped each person in turn; now he watches everything we do.” (Psalm 33:15) You don’t bring glory to God by hiding your abilities or by trying to be someone else. You only bring him enjoyment by being you. Anytime you reject any part of yourself, you are rejecting God’s wisdom and sovereignty in creating you. God says, “You have no right to to argue with your creator. You are merely a clay pot shaped by a potter. The clay doesn’t ask, ‘Why did you make me this way?'” (Isaiah 45:9) There are no unspiritual abilities, just misued ones. Every act of enjoyment becomes an act of worship when you thank God for it. 

What God looks at is the attitude of your heart: Is pleasing him your deepest desire?

Notes Taken from The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren




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