Joí Iman


Joí Iman has taught me sooo much about God’s grace & favor as well as myself. Never underestimate GOD nor your abilities that he has given. Always believe in yourself and GOD because in the world of business and Social Media, there are so many silent haters and if you allow the negativity to consume your thoughts, you will feel & become defeated. If there is something that you dream of doing, DO IT. From conception, You are given the strength to handle the obstacles experienced. Fear is the ONLY thing that will hold you back. Man has 0 chance of control. In some cases, The people who know you the best will not support you but the people throughout the world that know very little about you, support you the most. There is ALWAYS one watching even when it doesn’t seem like it. When you can’t see a way, God does and He provides provision.




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