Small Business Saturday

Happy Saturday, Love Bugs!

I pray that your THANKSGIVING was filled with love, hope, contentment, and positive reflection. My day was filled with all of the above AND rest…PRAISE HIM for REST!

I want to thank all of you who have ever commented and/or liked my blog posts. Also, I want to thank my customers who have ever liked a post, Browsed WWW.JOIIMAN.COM, Purchased, shared a post, promoted Joí Iman (BOUTIQUE), commented on a post, emailed, and/or utilized our personal shopping/personal styling services.  Again, THANK YOU!

For being such great followers and supporters, I am offering you all 35% OFF of your ENTIRE PURCHASE for supporting Joí Iman which is a small business. COUPON CODE: ISupport 

I encourage you to take advantage of such great deals and share with friends, family, and associates!

IMG_20131129_181955Ready, Set, SHOP!

Also, If you want a certain item to add to your wardrobe or just desire to do something kind for someone else, TRUST JOÍ IMAN for your SHOPPING NEEDS. I find what you want at the BEST prices.

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