Taking It Back To The Old School

It is Hump Day and that means you are almost there!! 🙂

So, I tried taking it back to the old school by rockin the infamous AFRO and I freakin LOVE It!! Not only is it Naturally Beautiful, it is convenient. I just pick it out (5 minutes or less) and I am good to go! The Volume is AMAZING!

DSC02528 DSC02531 DSC02532 DSC02533 DSC02534

Interestingly, the afro has not become mainstream although natural hair is becoming more and more popular. 50 years ago, the afro was viewed as as a threat to social order….HA!

The fashion world is has not totally embraced the idea of the afro but some are using its beauty and boldness for their advantage. They include Marc Jacobs, who introduced sky-high Afros on his runway in 2009, and Rick Owens, who released a parade of Afro-wreathed models at his show in Paris this year. DSC02539Necklace: Joí Iman Online Boutique (Shop) | Dress: Thrifted | Shoes: Nine West ( Option 1) ( Option 2)


We should all become radicals and reject conventional notions of beauty. 😛

Are you a fan of the afro? Share your thoughts!




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