Rules are Made To Be Broken

Hey Loves!

It has been a while smh. I apologize for leaving you without any warning but as you know, life takes over sometimes. I have a million and one things going but Ill save those for another post…SOON! 🙂

I am all about going against what the world deems as right. We have all heard the horrific rule, “Don’t Wear White After Labor Day”…HA HA AND HA! Whomever has the world believing this holds no credibility in my book. The only real reason why white became a summer staple is because it helped people to stay cool in extremely hot temperatures and it gets dirty easily. Well, if that is all the reasons there are, I will pass!




The key to wearing white in the fall and winter months is to pair with dark colors, whites, and neutrals….THAT SIMPLE! 🙂

32cf110c77e4ac3e56d1a6bb33f258c41a353b942e1b6c9a8e06a4caf917c72ab8fa3023e5c701fe8316bde4f3ebd095 Are you BOLD enough to rock White Pants after Labor Day? If so, how would you rock yours?

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