Her vs. She


For so many years, we have come to the realization that women are most often that not, in competition with each other. It is evidenced by the negative dialogue that occurs between groups of women and by the looks stairs that linger without at least one compliment offered or exchanged.

Lately, I find myself in deep thought over the numerous things that plague our world today. It is sad that women find it difficult to offer a compliment to another woman. Why!? Each and every day we past by people without speaking, ultimately ignoring their existence. The simple act of engaging a person can lead to a number of things from saving a person’s life to establishing a life long friendship. I think we can agree that the two are far from negative. The great thing about time is that Change can take place as long as there is time on the clock!

This Weeks Challenge:

1. Speak to at least 3 people that you do not know.

2. Give at least 3 people a compliment.

Let me know what comes of this challenge for you!

All LOVE, 



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