Hey Loves!

I hope that this Monday is filled with greatness!

As you know, yesterday was Father’s Day which could not fall on a more perfect day…SUNDAY! Sometimes, we never really think and realize that Father’s Day is not always a day for rejoicing. Unfortunately, many people all across the world have never experienced the greatness of a Father’s Love. To be transparent, I was one of those children. Yes, I knew my dad but never really established a great relationship with him because of the ill feelings held toward my mother. I guess my love and innocence was not enough to pull away the inner demons or struggles that my dad dealt with. One great thing about me, like others, is that God was indeed my Father. In fact, God is the BEST Father that we can have. It’s hard to try to think of Him in that way because we can’t physically see him. If you are a believer and you scan your life, you can clearly see that HE is THE BEST Father. God has ALWAYS shown me the TRUE definition of LOVE. When I knowingly do wrong, neglect Him, and so much more, he is ALWAYS there… In His Love I am comforted and with His powerful hands he holds mine through it all.

This is not to say that I am perfect and have not suffered in my personal life as a result of not having a solid relationship with my Dad. Trust me, I have and I am still trying to figure things out (Lord, Help Me!). It is hard on children who grow up without Fathers….Just look at the World. Put aside your privilege and REALLY look at the results of dysfunctional parent-child relationships. We see it everyday. If you do not, again, I urge you to dismiss your privilege and see the affects and effects instead of the people (physical) who are living it.

Being a Father is soooooo much more than just being a biological father. We have a God who serves as the PERFECT Example of how fathers should act and what the job duties are. The great thing about God being the greatest example is that it applies to everyone….Males and Females! With Males, He shows you how we should treat our own children (biological or by marriage) but get this….HE desires for men to use their PRIVILEGE to serve as FATHERS to those who are without biological Fathers and are too young or mentally immature to understand the magnitude of God’s love. I have mentioned this time and time again that we are responsible for each other. When we see those without, we must sew into their lives (Why must we make things so hard?). Every person that does not look like us or share our same experiences will not rob, kill, or take advantage of us so quit acting like it!

On another note, women have God to show them how a father should act which ties into what we look for in men. God is the perfect example of what Love is, what we deserve and what our children deserve. We must stop screwing up our own lives and the lives of our children as a result of poor judgment and a lack of love for self.

Great Fathers should be celebrated 365. Ladies, let’s ensure that we develop great men through support and unconditional and referring back to the greatest example. We must also go after men who God would approve of. Fellas learn how to be a great Father or an even better Father. Know that it is sexy to father someone else’s child when they are without. NOTE: This does NOT always mean financially. Time, consistency, and true love are more valuable than money!

Happy Fathers Day!




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