All it takes is 1

Happy Thursday Loves!

I recently received a Facebook message from a high school friend who desires to become an entrepreneur. She has been sitting on this idea for quite some time but like many of us, she allowed the enemy of fear and nay sayers to keep her feet planted and this vision to remain simply a thought. I was thrilled that she reached out to me for words of wisdom/encouragement because everything that I do is bigger than little ol’ Joí Iman. It was an opportunity for me to help someone else by pushing them toward their goal.

I understand her dilemma all too well. When you don’t see success in the form of entrepreneurship, it is challenging to fathom the idea of it being you. When you lack the knowledge, resources, and support needed to move forward on your journey, you find yourself fearful and feeling defeated before you have actually tried to complete the first step.

Well, I am writing you today to encourage you (as best I can) because I am proof, along with so many others, that ALL things are possible if you believe! When I first started this journey, I was headed in a different direction. After much effort and little to no results, I prayed and proceeded in another direction and I have not stopped since. This journey has been so significant to me because I truly did not know HOW?, WHAT?, WHEN?, WHERE!? I was not fortunate to have parents who could give me money; however, I was blessed with prayers and encouraging words. I did not have individuals or even one for that matter, lined up to invest in my dream. I truly funded everything out of my own pocket despite the burdens of Sallie Mae, Credit Card debt, and daily/monthly expenses. I truly started Joí Iman  on a prayer mixed with some faith!

The most important things that I learned from this experience is that:

>All things are Truly Possible with faith!

>God performs at his best when you come to the table with little to NO resources.

>Do not allow the negatives to defeat you.

>There is always a ram in the bush.

>When things are not going as planned, do NOT quit! Take the time to rethink your strategy and PUSH!

>Pay attention to the small blessings and be thankful.

>Even if nothing happens beyond the manifestation of your vision, NEVER forget the MIRACLE!

>Never forget that there are others who have experienced the same struggles. It is Our responsibility to help and encourage someone else.

>Be HAPPY for others AND SUPPORT them when they succeed. I am certain that you would want the same from others regarding your endeavors.


>Everyone will not CELEBRATE WITH you, especially those you expect.




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