No Explanation Needed


Hey Love Bugs,

I hope all is well. I have not posted any pics in a while so I wanted to share this look that I sooo fell in love with. When I originally wore this dress, I wore it just as you see it styled (with pumps)  in the pictures below. A gentleman who was totally in my personal space questioned my decision to wear the necklace toward the back (I loved his curiosity regarding my style). I simply replied, “No explanation needed.” All he could do was agree 🙂

The great thing about style is that I make my own rules. I don’t allow the fashion world or those who think they are fashion experts to deem what is acceptable and what is not according to what the “fashionable socialites” say.  Joí Iman makes and breaks the Rules of choice.


When shopping, know that everything that is stylish or fashion forward does not have to cost you an arm and/or a leg. If you are patient, you will be able to find great items for unbelievable prices.

This entire outfit cost less than $60.00!!

IMG_5180IMG_5196Remember, if you need assistance with fashion, style, and/or shopping, allow JOÍ IMAN to SHOP for you!

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