Halley Berry at 46!

Halle Berry Attends Red Carpet of the MovieThe Call in Rio de JaneiroHalley Berry is taking the world by storm and forcing us to change the way we look at parenthood. So many women are in a race to have a child before the age of 30 (I know some). I am by no means deeming this mindset utterly ridiculously. However, I am concerned from a relationship stand point. It seems as if the “biological clock” leads some women down a not so ideal relationship because you begin to think about the what ifs. Well, what if you conceived a child with a person who you would much rather not deal with? What if your child’s father or mother is not the man or woman you would like serving as a role model for your child? What if you come to realize that the two of you desire different things out of life? What if your relationship turns so dysfunctional that you cannot stand the thought of having a child with the other person?

What if you decide to get to know yourself first then entertain the idea of getting to know someone else? What if you live the life that is meant for you and believe that ALL things will fall into place? What if you simply have faith and trust God to provide your soul mate and bless the union with a beautiful child?

Truth be told, all pregnancies in late age do not end with birthing a child who has down syndrome or any other complications. I was a special case, my mother conceived me at the age of 44.  My brother was 16 and my sister was 13 (I can only imagine what they were saying…WTH? Ma, Really? ) My mother is not crippled nor is she walking with a cane. She does not use a handicap sticker. She works a full -time job everyday. She cooks, cleans, and much more. My mother’s pregnancy was not planned but the wonderful thing about God is that he does his own thing without any consultation. 🙂 Get my point yet? If you are meant to have a baby, it will happen when the time is right, regardless of age. God nor anyone on earth is asking for our hands to manipulate the situation. Isn’t this the perfect life lesson!?

Do you and let things be. To be perfectly honest, see, us humans have a habit of giving our two cents and trying to control life which most times turns out to be an epic fail. All along, if we would have just been in chill mode, things would turn out just right!

Chill Babe and Watch Life Be GRAND! 😉




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  1. samiamsoapbox says:

    Learned something new today – alright Halle!!! Women today need to learn to know themselves first before getting with someone let alone bringing children into the world off of circumstance. (Especially, if one can control it)

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