Get Yo Life!

Happy Monday Loves,

Over the weekend, I was having a conversation with a group of women about haters. It is no secret that some people will not like you, they will not genuinely celebrate your achievements and some will even boldly tell of their disgust and disapproval regarding the very things that do not concern them. It is harder to adjust to this reality when you have been in a situation with the hater and bent over backwards to aid in their success at one time or another. People who find it hard to celebrate with you are unhappy with some things in their own life and secretly admire the beauty of your life. We may not think our lives are great enough to covet over  but believe me people will (A) assume and (B) appreciate what we do not. Either way, it is sad and shameful.

In response to the haters that you encounter, the best way to deal with these kind of people is to Kill them with kindness. 🙂 I guarantee you that they will continue to look like the unfortunate fools that they have knowingly become. They will always think to themselves, “She’s still smiling? I mean after EVERYTHING that I have thrown at her…WTH?” Your response will be, “Yes Ma’am… You tried. You failed. You Tried again and Failed some more. Now, Go get yo  life!


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