Double Denim

Hey Loves!

I hope all is Blessed and Fabulous with each of you! As I have reflected on my life’s path and after speaking with friends and associates, I want to encourage you to DREAM! With DREAMing comes FAITH and HOPE. All things are Possible with sacrifice and tenacity.

You are capable of ALL things great and you were designed for the trials and triumphs. DSC01882

Even if you have not discovered your life’s purpose, it is A-OK. Take this time to become one with yourself and your higher being and REALLY think about your strengths and what makes your heart smile. DSC01883

Then, think about how you are able to transform this thought into greatness…Remember, ALL things are possible! 🙂 It is okay if you have more than one idea. That is why options are important as well as process of elimination. DSC01884

Know that I do not have my life figured out but I am well on my way. The process was indeed a struggle but God had me and I thank him for Growth, learning, and direction.
DSC01885If you are too fearful to move, you will never appreciate life and ALL that it has to offer.

Give yourself Permission to Dream and Hope which is PERFECTLY wrapped in FAITH.

“Wherever God Leads You and Whatever He Trusts You With, He ALWAYS Provides you with Everything You Need To Handle It.” ~Joí Iman




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