Stylish Spending

Happy HUMP DAY!!

So, I was recently in a bad accident which resulted in my car being totaled. God is Awesome because I walked away with only a bruised back, side, and two scars on my arm!!! The only down side is that I was forced to purchase another vehicle. :-(!!! This is all BAD because my car was paid off!!!!!! Of course a new car would be nice but NOT that car note….DEPRESSING!

After coming to terms with the reality that it was inevitable, God showed out again. Thank the good Lord for Networks! I was linked with a car salesman who took awesome care of me. Bless his heart lol He spent his whole workday helping me. The day was filled with laughs, photo shoots (compliments of Earl, the car salesman),  anxiety and more laughs! 🙂

I went in with the idea of purchasing a used car and walked out with a 2013 edition! DSC01874If I MUST spend money unexpectedly, I might as well do it with Style! 🙂

Don’t mistake compatibility with friendship and even sexual compatibility for life partner material!




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