I hate the fact that we as people manipulate things just so things can go in our favor. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. The unfavorable things happen as a result of our poor acts. No, we choose to do what is right and we choose to do what is wrong…Know that. Believe that.

This was a simple yet powerful (At least in my opinion) Facebook Post that was on my heart this morning.

If more of us thought about the consequences or outcome of our actions, we probably would not do some of the things that we choose to do. Think before you act because anytime you act, you run the risk of a less than ideal outcome. There comes a time when we have to grow up and end the mentality of “Act now. Worry later.” If you think AND adhere to wisdom now, you might not have to worry later. 🙂




Mondays Matter…The Change starts with YOU! 🙂

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