Time To Rethink Some Things


I absolutely love reading Non-Fiction. I am soo busy these days that I have not had the opportunity to read. Recently, I purchased 2 books and have begun reading one (I will provide a review upon completion). As I was reading, I realized that I have not really taken the time to put my desires on paper. I did it back in undergrad but nothing since. Lord, knows that my interests, desires, and outlooks have changed drastically. Once I pulled out the old list that I composed years ago, I couldn’t help but laugh because clearly I had no clue on some things. As I have mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I by no means have this thing called life figured out but I do have an idea of what I would like at this point in my life. At that moment, I updated my list. I realize that as time passes and I grow older, the list will change….No doubt about that! Like myself, so many of us either have not taken the time to truly put things into perspective and come to terms with what we want or we have an idea but have not put our desires on paper and drawn them out in order to make the vision plain.

This day, I challenge you to track and update your life’s desires. This includes EVERY aspect of your life…Relationships, careers, family, self, and more. This will help you stay focused and hopeful. Your thoughts and words are POWERFUL!

P.S. Be Very Specific and Realistic!


Wait patiently with Thanksgiving and Expectation. The journey of BELIEVING and PATIENCE is challenging but well worth it…Congratulations on your blessings in advance!





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