A Day of Play

Happy Friday!!!!

Sooo, I found myself at the MAC counter to purchase ONE item. My dear MAC Associate, Tiffany, was soooo feeling me for some reason and had a field day playing with my face. She did applied makeup that was simple yet dramatic and bold (for me). Tiffany applied a light goldish-brown eye shadow with a bold blue eyeliner and an eyebrow filler duo. I was feeling the look which was totally different for me, specifically the blue liner.

I have a thing about eyebrows. Dramatic eyebrows make me cringe lol. I can admit that I need my eyebrows filled because they are very fine and my hairs are long which makes an interesting combo. I believe in NATURAL looking eyebrows instead of eyebrows that have been painted on…I can’t deal. Overall, I was fairly pleased with the eyebrows and all. 🙂

This was my fit for the day!DSC01805DSC01809DSC01811DSC01812DSC01814DSC01818Clearly, I needed a protective style since removing my locs so I got braids…the one time I missed my locs. I did not have to do a thing to my hair…Precious Moments! 🙂

People will laugh at your dreams, then hate you when you make them come true.




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