Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool

Hey Loves,

I hope all is well. I am soo excited about the 4 day week!! So many great moments to come. 🙂

This weekend I listened to a story about a woman and her life’s struggles, particularly concerning her love life. I am soooo tired of women being fools for men. I can admit, in my younger days,  I knew the reality of certain relationships but proceeded down that lane anyway. I have grown much wiser. I want women to have enough love for themselves and their unborn/born children to be a lot more methodical, assertive, and deliberate when “Dating”. I can’t stress enough about the importance of probing and being in tune with your worth. Everything that you do has a negative or positive influence on your future. The piss poor men that are in and out of women’s lives turn into piss poor fathers. As a result, your son or daughter is left with an absent father. In turn, your children potentially will exhibit the same behaviors and model the same or similar lifestyle. We have to do better because a closed mouth leads to a pervasive cycle. It is said that when a person knows better, he or she does better. Well, what happens when he or she doesn’t know any better and no one informs them (closed mouth)? Habits form and a pervasive cycle is the outcome. Men do what they are allowed to do. You are not that desperate that you convince yourself that it is okay to live a life that is a lie.

NOTE: Women have A LOT of POWER!!!! When we stop accepting polygamous relationships, abuse, neglect, boys claiming to be men, irresponsibility, laziness, ignorance, and so on then we can establish better lives for ourselves by establishing healthy and productive relationships filled with true love. This will ultimately, establish a better life for our children.

Woman Up and handle your business because in the end you play yourself and sabotage your future. Stupidity and Foolishness is not attractive.

If this is you, I pray that my words speak to your heart. If you know someone struggling with relationships, I encourage you to share this word.

I need to start a movement…Who is With Me? 🙂

Your Heart is Precious and You are a Queen!

Act Like You Know!




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