Noises In The Silence

Happy Monday to each of you!

I want to deposit a few things in your mind and spirit regarding limitless possibilities. I have always known deep down in my spirit that I am uniquely made and will eventually do things that will blow my mind as a result of God’s Awesomeness. Regardless of this belief about myself, I still found myself in a state of being defeated as a result of allowing opportunities to pass me by because I felt that I could not do it or the outcome would not be favorable…You know those voices that pop up in our head every now and then SMH. During these times, I was convinced The best step to take was no step at all.

Things are slowly but surely changing because I have made up in my mind that all things are possible and one never knows until attempts are made to accomplish goals or pursue opportunities. Truth be told, our courageous leaps are ours alone. It is what we say to ourselves before the leap that determines whether or not we decide to leap into the sea of possibility.

Hopes and Dreams are meant to be manifested and not stagnant or unrealized. Don’t allow fear, doubt, and feelings of unworthiness to take these things and your mind hostage. Regardless of what you want to see done in your life, allow the truth to reign. You are talented, gifted, and able so walk, jog, run, and sprint!

Allow yourself to have the best because you are the best!




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  1. Amber Montgomery says:

    Love this!

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