A Little of Everything

Hey Loves,

I must say that I have had a blessed but roller coaster style week and it is JUST Wednesday! Friday, I am eager to see you. 🙂 Enough about my struggles. I hope your week has been great and stress free! Below are a few pics from a weekend in ATL, my debut as a Maid of Honor, and a sunny day in Alabama.

Before I go, I must give you some background info on the Maid of Honor gig. My God-Sister picked this style dress for her wedding which is great because it is versatile. However, the dress was almost $200.00…NEGATIVE. I am all in for being a team player BUT this type of dress was not worth $200.00 in my eyes. So, with her permission, I did a little research and came across the same style dress for $50.00…SOLD!!! Now, the shoe department is always a little challenging, especially when you are talking peep-toes and sandals because my foot is extremely narrow. God always looks out because I was on my last hope and came across these Nina Platform, Satin Sandals. Everyone was a little nervous in my ability to balance, particularly because my maneuvering included going up and down steps to adjust the Bride’s train. No worries, I did it and looked graceful while doing the darn thang. 🙂

Nothing is more fun than doing what people say you cannot do!



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