Go Girl, It’s Your Birthday!


Hey Loves!

Today, November 1st is J-Day! I have been Blessed to see another year filled with favor, grace, and mercy. I am looking ahead with great expectations! Thank you sweet Lord in advance for the trials and triumphs! As mentioned in my previous post, late 20’s is a time to honor yourself.  So at this stage in my life, I have learned and expect to learn the following:

  1. I must become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Risks are golden opportunities.
  2. I want to always make conscious decisions instead of decisions fueled by the feeling of obligation or instant gratification.
  3. I need to always base my decisions and plans on two questions: Am I running from something? Am I running toward something?
  4. I have learned that exposure is everything! It helps you find a sense of belonging. There is more to the world than the nests we have built in our personal lives.
  5. It imperative that we laugh and LOVE.
  6. I want to honor ALL parts of my well being.
  7. I have learned that success does not equal peace. If we are not at peace then we will continue to chase the unnecessary.
  8. I need to slow down and sit in silence. It is okay to do nothing sometimes. It will help me hear my inner voice.
  9. I have realized that I must be patient with myself. Everything that is a weakness is not bad. It creates an opportunity for God to show up and show out!
  10. Do NOT rush. I must learn to do one thing at a time. I need to learn to live in the present moment.
  11. I need a routine outside of work. Zumba, bible study, devotion, etc.
  12. Stress is dangerous. I must participate in activities that help to decrease stress.
  13. I love me and I am honest with myself.
  14. I MUST trust in something bigger than me. There is more than meets the eye. I can’t do it by myself.
  15. Just Say NO sometimes. Doing the most is not healthy.
  16. It is okay to take naps! I need to do more of this. Rest Joí!
    Mama Hudson is what they call me. 🙂

My students showered me with so much LOVE. They are the best!!! So Blessed!

Smile-Today is a New Day! 

All LOVE, 


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