Steel Magnolias Premiere

Hey Loves,

I am beat from last week. The struggle was real! I have never had a desire to be a house wife but the time has come! I am soooo tired of working! I go hard on a weekly basis so I  proudly say that I want to become a house wife if my own business is not in God’s will. It is not a game. When I think back on my college days when my sorors and others mentioned to me that they wanted to become house wives, I really could not relate. Oh but now, I should have been on board with them. Working for the man is not working for me. This is motivation enough to pursue dreams. Do you feel me??

Anywho, did you all see the premiere of “Steel Magnolias”? I enjoyed the movie! I thought Queen Latifah did an excellent job and she looked Gorgeous! I wanted a little more from Jill Scott because I know she has what it takes. All in All, I thought the movie presented a great message, great presence, and quality acting. I love the original make of the movie but this remake brought forth greater substance in my opinion. The messages that were presented throughout the movie were without a doubt clear. One thing that it taught me is that we cannot allow the fear of the unknown or the fear of failure and defeat to dictate our actions and the ability to LIVE. We must remove the notion of focusing on self and become more selfless. Shelby said it perfectly, “I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.” With that being said….LIVE.  Live with no room to be selfish or without love.

The entire cast was beautiful!! Here are some of the pics on the Red Carpet from the Premiere.

If you questioned the choice of a Caucasian man to play Alfre Woodard’s husband, it may be because her husband is Caucasian. Just a Guess.

Focus, Determination, Faith-Get Some! They are the necessary tools to change your life!

All LOVE, 


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