Poor Little Tink Tink

Hey My Loves,

HAPPY LABOR DAY to you! I hope you are relaxing and eating good! I am enjoying a little relaxation and not enjoying the work that I have before me (I wish I didn’t care some times with my proactive self lol..Ugh!) I guess that’s a great quality though so I should not complain.

On another note, Anyone who knows me is fully aware that I LOVE Katt Williams. I think he is the funniest man hands down. I must say that I do not agree with his foul mouth but I am guaranteed  a great, soul filled laugh, from beginning to end. I mean on the floor because I am so weak and stomach hurting feeling like I should have a six pack type of laugh. Well, Katt William’s DVD, “It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin” features a clip where he talks about a Olympian runner who was handicapped as a result of losing both legs. He is now known to the world as Poor Little Tink Tink as Katt Williams called him.

There are so many Poor Little Tink Tinks in the form of insecure women, wandering aimlessly through life. When I view and hear about the episodes of these reality TV shows and the images that are projected, devaluing the worth of women, family life, and overall stability, I am deeply saddened. I am saddened because this is not the picture that was intended to be examples of what life is. I am disturbed because this has been deemed acceptable and realistic by a lost and sad generation. Individuals 60 years of age and older cannot relate to the foolishness that takes place; foolishness that is molding us to sell our souls, lose our identity and be swallowed by false depictions, resulting in epic failures.

The most popular headline and foolery feature is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I am not an avid watcher but I can clearly peace together the episodes after viewing my Twitter Time Line. With that being said, I am so tired of the infamous Stevie J (I could really vomit). What is it about this boy that makes these two girls go back and forth, allowing themselves to be disrespected??! I mean really! Sadly, in this generation, this is the outcome of so many interactions between men and women. Lies, cheating, disrespect, a broken family and the list goes on. Why does the list continue to go on? Why is the heart allowed to continue to ache? Why is the child not the priority? It beats me. In my opinion, Stevie J and every man in his shadow should have his light extinguished. Women should not continue to light their fires…LIGHTS OUT! No secure woman would subject herself to any of this or more. We always talk about thirsty men but insecure women are thirsty.

Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT  give yourself to anybody who does not feel that you are worthy to receive truth, faithfulness, and true love. Don’t give yourself to the wrong man. Don’t accept his lies. Do not accept his unfaithfulness. Don’t be fooled Doll. It’s not worth it and the boy isn’t either.

Poor Little Tink Tink had great qualities but the fact still remains which is he was handicapped. Little Girls can’t grow to be women because somewhere down the line their growth was stunted by poor depictions, resulting in foolish relationships and ideas which resulted in them being handicapped. Although, Poor Little Tink Tink thought he was a winner, he still lost.


As Katt Williams would say, “Be in tuned with your star player, Mother******* aint goin’ to have your back like you think they should.”



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