I ________ Complain

Happy Monday Loves!

I was recently asked whether or not I could go a month without complaining. At that very moment, I began to think about how much people complain in one day! I can recall many conversations and hearing the many complaints; some which are legitimate and others that are unnecessary. Regardless of the reason, many of us do it one time too many! We are all blessed beyond measure so there is no reason for any complaints. It would behoove us all to give thanks all day, every day instead of murmuring or entertaining the undesirable events in our lives. If we took the time to really dissect everything that has triggered our complaints, we would immediately realize that they lack significance. Instead of complaining, I challenge you (myself included) to focus on a solution.

Do you think you can go a week without complaining? 🙂

Complainers change their complaints, but they never reduce the amount of time spent in complaining. ~ Mason Cooley



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