The Pursuit of Happiness

Hey Loves!

I hope that you all’s weekend was amazing! For those of you who shop on a budget, Belk was the place to be because they had a ridiculous sale! To give you an idea of how great this sale was, I purchased a Calvin Klein suit, Calvin Klein blazer, two shirts by Kensie, and a dress by Elements for $125.00!! The regular price for these pieces ranged from $68.00 to $129.00….WHAT! I also purchased a pair of leather sandals for $23.00! F.A.D.

On another note, I want all of you to be Happy Beyond Measure. Often times, we confuse materialistic gain with Happiness. The reality is, those things only provide short term or immediate pleasure. When it comes to material things, we will never be satisfied because their will always be a bigger and better product to be featured and ultimately desired. I would like to think that the older we get the more we become in tune with our true needs but sadly that is not the case. No matter what life throws at us, we will sometimes find ourselves in a state of imbalance. Regardless of the ups and downs that we may experience, Happiness is without a doubt more easily attainable than we realize. The following are sure ways to gain and maintain true HAPPINESS:

  •  Thankfulness. Everyday that you are Blessed to see another day and are submerged in grace, simply say thank you! Make a list of the things that you are grateful for each day or just take note mentally of the day’s goodness. The results of this exercise are transforming. You will find yourself smiling without even realizing it because you are able to mentally analyze and measure just how great your life is despite the challenges.
  • Relationship. Be in tune with the people that are in your life, especially the ones who are genuine and whose actions reflect kindness, sincerity, unconditional love, and patience. Appreciate these individuals because they have your best interest at heart and push you to a higher level of excellence.
  • In the Now. I personally struggle with this. I truly live by the phrase, ‘Failure is not an option’ so I am constantly on the grind. There comes a point when I have to realize that all things will work for my good if I do my part. There is no reason to over work myself or stress. If the animals don’t worry, that is an alarm telling me that I don’t need to because I am more important than any animal. Read Matthew 6:25-34.
  • Be a Blessing. I always remind others to “Be a Blessing while expecting a Blessing. I truly live by this. This topic can spark a great conversation or debate depending on the person of course. I get really fired up because we are a selfish group of people. Each day we should be doing whatever is in our power to bless as many people as possible. Reality CHECK….It is not about us! We were created to be a blessing to others through our attitude, finances, time, etc. A smile doesn’t cost us anything nor does a greeting. No one ever went to jail for being friendly, sincere, concerned, or understanding. If someone asks you for something whether it be a dollar or an umbrella, give it,  purchase it or whatever you have to do to meet that need. It is NOT your responsibility to investigate whether or not that person uses the dollar for food or beer or uses the umbrella for shade or a weapon. The important thing is that it was asked of you. God makes the judgement call. He only requires our submission, not our input.
  • Do what you LOVE. No explanation needed!

Dare to be Happy!



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