Just Do It

Hey Loves!

I hope you all had a FAB weekend!  My weekend was great. I went to see Dark Knight Rises on Saturday. It was a great movie and I must admit that I didn’t guess that the movie would end the way it did. Sunday, I saw TED…very interesting. It was not one of my favorite movies but it did have an interesting message regarding responsibility as it relates to relationships. I recommend that every man watches the movie. Hopefully, the men will comprehend the message, assess his own relationship, and apply it, making him a better man. I would love to hear others interpretation of the movie. If you have seen it, feel me in!

I wanted to talk about Happiness but as I began to type, my mind made its way back to the last few weeks. I hope this blesses you and encourages you to MOVE! Last week, I hinted at some changes that are taking place in my life; a new journey that I will embark upon. To be transparent, a few weeks ago, I had begun to go through a rigorous interview process for a position that I applied for. A week later, I quit my job without having anything lined up o_O and I was not for certain that I would be offered the position. Yes, a tiny part of me was a little uncertain but it was done. A week later, I unexpectedly became sick. That very day, I received another call regarding the position. I was asked to present some information over the phone. Although being sick was definitely not the business, staying at home did allow for time to prepare for the presentation. If I was at work, I would not have been able to concentrate or prepare a quality presentation. When the interviewer called  me back and after I presented, I was immediately praised and offered the the job. I was informed that I had beat out at least 500 applicants and over 30 interviewees (Something like a big deal eh 🙂 ). I received the salary that I desired and needed. My two weeks notice was exactly the amount of time needed to pack the necessities (clothes, shoes, and accessories) and hit the road. Oh, and I didn’t have to hassle with a lease because I was paying month-to-month.

This entire experience, reminded me of the favor that is on my life. God has my back every single step of the way. I may have to go through the fire but I will not get burned! He will place me in direct alignment with His plans for my life. This is an opportunity not a long term commitment. This experience will allow me to save money, meet some new people, impact the lives of more individuals, learn, and prepare for my dreams to become a reality (unless He has something else planned).

I give you all of this to remind you that God has your back. My testimonies are unbelievable. If he did it for me, He will do it for you! Pursue the things that make you happy and find a way to get a little closer to accomplishing your goals. It may not be the path desired or predicted but if God is permitted to take the lead, you will not and cannot go wrong. Lastly, don’t stay in your comfort zone or live the life that seems logical or acceptable. You know what your heart desires and if you don’t know what’s needed to get there, seek God. Fear is not an option. There is absolutely no need to be still. Actions along with Faith are sooo powerful, make a necessary and lasting impact. Just Do It…MOVE!



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