Goodbye and Hello!

Hey Loves,

Oh, how I’ve missed you all! I feel like it has been an eternity. I am naturally a very busy person but these days have been on another level; my days have become blurs. Things are not slowing down, just changing.  The important news is that I am BACK and Happy about it! For those of you who have kept up with my posts about my life’s experiences and challenges are aware that I have had some challenging days this year (I am sure many can relate). The great news is that over the course of the last couple of weeks, I have come to understand the purpose of certain seasons that I stood and stand in the midst of. As a result, I have made some life changing decisions that bring about some uneasiness but God has shown up and out. I gladly say goodbye to the old and familiar and hello to new experiences and the pursuit of dreams.

If you are in a rough season, I want to share with you some things that I now realize :

1. The days of dark clouds are just a prelude to the promises that have been made to you.  You have to go through things so that your strength and most importantly, your faith is evaluated.

2. Be thankful for the little clouds that you are experiencing or have experienced this season. Sometimes it is hard to balance being thankful and not being frustrated  or at least I speak for myself; that is normal. Push yourself. Encourage yourself. Count your blessings.

3. Remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Many times, it will seem as if your little clouds are turning into storms. During different seasons, that just may be the case. Truth be told, it is just a test of your endurance and steadfastness.  There is nothing too big for a giant.

4. There is always someone going through worse times. Be thankful for the struggle and the teachable moments. There is a hidden message in the midst of the storm. For me, I realized that I wanted more out of life. I know you are thinking, “Yeah, Right. Doesn’t everyone?” I would hope that everyone does but every person has their own definition of what more is. My more is fulfilling my dreams without fear. It means having my own. I realized that I will not be happy with doing anything other than what I desire to do. As a result, I have chosen to let go of the norm and embrace the unknown in order to fulfill my heart’s desire….Prayer’s Up!

5. When you Bust a Move, God WILL Bust a Move. This piece of information has EVERYTHING to do with Faith. Anyone who really knows me can tell you that I work, act, move while I pray. It’s important to have balance such as knowing when to act and when to be still (God is not done with me yet). I am a firm believer that God has the ability to do anything in our lives; however, it is our responsibility to put in work also. We have to meet God half way. If there is something you desire, PRAY first then act and see how things unfold. You will either receive a Yes, Not Yet, or I have something better for you. Take note,  a “NO” is not listed. That is because God does not and will not leave his children hanging.

6. There will be no loss of life. In the book of Acts, Paul reminds us of this….”You have been so worried that you have not touched food for two weeks,” he said. “Please eat something now for your own good. For not a hair of your heads will perish.” (Acts 27:33-34) So take courage! For I believe God. It will be just as he said. (Acts 27:25)

Cheers to Change and New Beginnings!

All Love, 


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