Stella Jean

I am in love with this Vibrant and detailed collection from Stella Jean’s Spring/Summer 2012 AND Beachwear! Everything is simply FABulous! I would LOVE the opportunity to slide my body in one ALL of these uniquely designed pieces. A gal can Dream…

There is no doubt that this collection is made from uncommon threads…AMAZING!

Just by the quality photography and styling of the pieces, this TEAM of creative minds= GENIUS! 

Creation is an experience.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dying over these prints! The maxi and chambray is EVERYTHING!

    1. Joí Iman says:

      Yaaaaaas Ma’am!! Just Gawgeous!! 🙂

  2. Nice look! It would probably fly over the heads of most people in Birmingham.

    1. Joí Iman says:

      I would probably be one of the few or the only person daring enough to wear Stella Jean’s wearable art.

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