Hair Journey: The Beginning Part 2

Hey Loves,

As some of you know, I have been natural almost all of my life and embarked upon my loc journey almost seven years ago. People have no clue the amount of personal change and growth that takes place even with hair. When I finally made the decision to loc my hair, I got sooo many unsought comments about my journey of choice. It didn’t matter to me that I had “long, pretty hair”, all that mattered was that I had finally come to a place in my life where I was comfortable with who I had become and the decisions that I made. I could care less if a guy would still think I was pretty. My thoughts on that was and still is the same. A man who is worth your time whether it be a friend or significant other, will not be shaken by the change in something as simple as hair. When my locs finally began to have personality, my peers quickly changed their tune. All of a sudden, there was nothing better than my locs; they just suited me best. My locs have become a representation of who I am. When people describe me, they say, “You know Joí….light skinned with the locs or the AKA with the locs.” Although I don’t mind,  I am not defined by the strands on my head.

After much debate with myself and some disapproval from others, I finally made up my mind to cut my locs….YES, I cut my locs lol. I know you all are thinking “Nooooo, Joí, your hair was soo long and pretty.” Yes, I agree that it was and thank you for the compliments; However, It is my decision and I am just fine. 🙂

I hope you stay for the journey!

All LOVE, 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ebony S says:

    I remember seeing you the first time at West (Knight Complex) with what seemed to be thick locs.I loved them back when and still love the evolutional transition of today. Let the world see the best part of Black sheek! 😉

    Motivated by Afro Blackness,


    1. Joí Iman says:

      Awww. Thank you, Ebony! LOVE 🙂

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