The Holy Boyfriend


Hey Loves,

I hope you are FAB! I must say that I LOVE Boyfriend Jeans. Back in the day, you couldn’t pull me out of a pair of skinny jeans. Although I do love a good skinny jean, I LOVE Boyfriend Jeans even more. The jeans that I have on are by EXPRESS, the best BFJ I have ever purchased. I love them so much that even with the holes, I refuse to remove them from my wardrobe….Never that! It will have to be a cold day in hell to the point where I can’t buckle them or my whole thigh is hanging out. Oh wait, even if the thigh is hanging out Ill find a way for me to rock them especially if I can button them. 🙂 What can I say…I am in love with the Boyfriend.

I have no one style. ~ Oscar Peterson

I love this quote because although It may seem as if I have one look, I am actually very versatile. I am a risk taker and I almost never put much thought into my outfits nor do I hunt for trends or seek others opinion…Effortlessly Flyy.



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  1. 44kilograms says:

    Nice outfit! And wow that hair is sooo super cool!

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