Blocking 101: Simple With A Touch of Leopard

Hey Loves,

Don’t be afraid of color. It is your friend as long as you don’t disrespect or abuse it. Dare to step outside of your comfort zone! You will never know what the end result will be if you do not try. When experimenting, seek a mirror and a trusting second opinion. When seeking a second opinion, take into consideration the person and their style because he or she may not be a good fit for you. Their fashion sense does not have to be yours. You need a healthy mix. Once you reach a certain level of confidence, you can ditch the second opinion. I have come to realize that many of us tend to become dependent upon others and their opinions. Interestingly, this need increases when we are actually sharing the same space as our friends/associates. Who do you rely on when it’s just you? I can bet that the answer is YOU so TRUST your ability. Your confidence will enhance the appeal. EnJoí

 Hard work beats talent, when talent does not work hard.

Cheers to Saturday (That’s really the only day we get smh)!



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  1. fancieland says:

    Super cute outfit! I love what you did there!

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