Weekend HAUL

Hey Love Bugs,

As I mentioned on Monday, I cam across some F.A.D. (Freakn’ Awesome Deals)! I went to Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, and TJ Maxx! I can’t lie, I was feeling like a Maxxinista lol. I was happy to be shopping! o_O Banana Republic’s weekend promotion featured 40% off on almost everything in the store! Here is a rundown of what I scored…

1. Two Long sleeve handkerchief hem Tees for $10.00 each #POW!

2. Francesca’s Teal Leaf Purse- $20.00, Reg. $44//3. BR Red/Orange Skinny Pants- $7.98//4. TJ Earl Jean(Red Skinny Jeans)- $10.00//5. BR Print Belt- 7.79//6. BR Animal Print Bangles- $3.59 each

7. RL Leopard Print Pencil Skirt: $34.00, Reg. $79.00                                                                King purchased this skirt for me! I feel IN LOVE when I saw it on the hanger! Thanks Boo! 🙂

8. TJ Knit Pencil Skirt- $10.00

9. BR Sheer, Ruffle Shirt- $ 20.39

Fitting Room Style…All Smiles Over Here #POW! 😉

Did I do good or what!?


Fashions fade. Style is eternal. ~ Yves Saint Laurent

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