I inspire multitudes with my curls and a smile

Hey Loves,

For those of you who may not know, I have been growing my locs for 6 years. I have been maintaining my locs (MYSELF) for 6 years. I’s ’bout tired now. It takes a lot out of me to even think about washing and retwisting my locs….It’s rough!! lol. Now that I have found myself at this point, I want need someone to take over! Sadly, I currently reside in an area that does not have many locticians. I tried one person but found myself instructing and directing a little too much..smh…NEXT! I recently received some information about a young lady who maintains locs in my area. I will give her a try next month. She is my last hope because I am on the verge of the BIG Chop! Pics may come soon 🙂 On a recent trip to my hometown, Birmingham, AL, my first stop was a salon and  VOILÀ!

I hardly ever let anyone style my locs. I have to admit that when I do, I am somewhat controlling and outspoken. I can say that she followed instructions very well.

It has been years since I styled my hair in curls! When I sat in her chair, I had already schemed to take advantage of her hands by choosing a style that I definitely wouldn’t want to tackle on my own! 🙂

See Why??! Before it was pinned, the curls fell past my shoulders!

Your hair is whatever you want it to be. Think it’s sexy, sassy, or elegant? It will be. Think it’s ugly? It will oblige. ~Knotty & Nice

I don’t understand why people say that natural hair isn’t for everyone. It’s attached to your head! It doesn’t get more “for you” than that. ~Knotty & Nice

All Love, 


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