Motivational Monday: The Greatest Love of All

Hey Loves,

As you all know by now, the beautiful and talented Ms. Whitney Houston passed away on Saturday, February 11, 2012. I am deeply saddened by this news! Lord, I pray that her past has been forgiven and soul is safe with you and her loved ones are comforted during this time.  As we remember Ms. Whitney Houston, I want us to begin valuing ourselves and understanding the importance of nurturing ourselves so that we may give more of ourselves to others. You must never lose sight of how important “self” is and declare that you are your  most powerful ally. Here are a few things that are a MUST in order to experience your greatest love:

1. Believe that you are great. Truth is, You Are! God doesn’t make any junk! 😉 If you do not believe this with all of your being, it is necessary to reflect and discover what has taken place in your life that has tainted your mind and heart allowing such lies to take root. Identify those things that you desire to change and work toward that!

2. Know what nourishes your spirit and get plenty of those things. For me, it is prayer, worship, a good book, music and other forms of art. What does your mind and body good?

3. Do You. Stop trying to be what others want you to be. Stop trying to earn love, acceptance, and validation. You are more than enough as long as you are trying your best and putting in some REAL work!

4. Encourage yourself! This world is a beast at times but you can make it through. When the negative thoughts consume your mind, Encourage Yourself! There is nothing too big for a GIANT. You are a GIANT.

5. Find your own personal style. When you feel good about yourself, it is evident to the world. Coordinate your wardrobe that best compliments your body style and SHINE! Own it because you have the right!

6. Do something nice for yourself. You are responsible for ensuring your well-being. By the way, you deserve to reward yourself every now and then!

7. Be Patient and Kind to Yourself. Remember that change will not happen overnight and your growth will not be visible to you or anyone else at times. Perseverance requires your kindness.

8. Let others love you. Do not block others from loving you. Allow the people who care about you to love you. You need to learn to receive love and express gratitude. Love flows – and that means it is a back-and-forth exchange. You can’t do all the giving and you can’t do all the taking. Both people must experience what it feels like to give and what it feels like to receive. When this is put in practice, you will find it easier to love yourself.

Picture yourself  vividly winning and that alone will contribute immeasurably to success. ~ Harry Fosdick

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Even if you are single, YOU are your BEST Valentine!! Do something nice for yourself!!



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