Motivational Monday: Go From Stressed to BLESSED!

Hey Loves,

I hope you all had a Blessed and Fab weekend! In a previous post, I mentioned that I have been going hard at work. Well, it continues! I had to go to work to show support to a coworker who was hosting an event. While there, I was able to participate in African Dance. I had to leave to attend another event for an organization that I am involved in. After church on Sunday, I took myself to see RED TAILS! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. If you have not seen the movie, I encourage you to do so…Support, PLEASE!! 🙂

Previously, I mentioned that I am in the zone….OPERATION STRESS FREE in 2012. Instead, I will pray, trust, and believe! With all the changes and new experiences taking place in my life, I need all of the help I can receive to achieve my goal of being stress free this year. In the January, 2012 issue of Essence Magazine, Life Coach Lisa Nichols offers 10 surefire ways to find YOUR bliss. Here are the steps you can take to guide you on your  journey:

1. Reset Your Default Mode. Many of us may be living in “familiar discomfort,”  that space where being stressed feels normal. If this is you, admit that you are overwhelmed or you don’t manage finances well. Acknowledge your TRUTH so that you can terminate your contract with stress, chaos, and discontent.

2. Start With Your “Already Done” List. Reflect on 2011 and acknowledge your accomplishments. When were you at your strongest, and what lessons did you take from those experiences. Do not diminish your accomplishments by simply thinking. Get out a piece of paper RIGHT NOW and jot down what you achieved, how it was achieved, and how your life changed as a result. This will give you the oomph you need to make necessary changes in the New Year.

3. Bless The Gifts That Came Wrapped In Sandpaper. Regardless of what challenges that you faced in 2011, GIVE THANKS! When you look back over the mess, there is a great chance that you learned from some if not all of your trials.

4. Move From Reacting To Responding. Lisa Nichols gives a great example of reaction mode…”That man made me curse him out.” Reaction is of-the-moment, and it robs you of forethought and peace of mind. When you RESPOND, you think, How will what I’m saying or doing affect my future relationships? My self-esteem? This situation? Response is an empowered decision that involves forecasting into the future. Think back on past situations. Are there more moments where you have reacted OR responded???

5. Laser Your Focus. Some of us operate like a floodlight: We cover a lot of territory, we multitask, ans we’re everyone doing everything for everyone but ourselves (Raises Hand…Guilty). As a result, we are not effectively penetrating any one area, only wearing ourselves out. In 2012, choose to operate more like a laser: Select three things you can do to improve your quality of life. Pick a few priorities and stick with them.

6. Turn Optionals Into Nonnegotiables. In 2012, show up for yourself the way you would a friend. Start taking your own desires as seriously as you do the needs and desires of others.  For example, if your nonnegotiable dream is to start your own business, write yourself a check every payday to finance that dream. (Needed that!) Or make a choice that you will free yourself by no longer holding grudges. Or that you’ll stop cutting and pasting your past into your future, letting it trip you up yet again (If you can’t say Amen just say Ouch!) Refuse to let your “NEXT” pay for the sins of your ex.

7. Play In Your Passion. With everything that is consuming our lives, some of us have stopped doing the things that bring us Joy and some of us have not taken the time to discover. When you do what you love, you are more vital, your mood-boosting endorphins are released, and your passion feeds and fuels you.

8. Invest In Yourself. Fiscal Year is your responsibility and you can live it starting TODAY (I Need This)! Decide that you’ll be a good steward of whatever money you have, because when you handle money well, you actually attract more money. Energy grows where energy goes. You have to manage your dollars and cents, but you font have to live fro a mind-set of lack by constantly focusing on what you don’t have. Choose to operate from the expectation of abundance. Then watch your finances improve as you invest energy and attention there.

9. Find A Way To Give Back. If you have love, hope for graciousness in abundance, go someplace where it is needed, like a women’s shelter or an elder-care center. Your service won’t cost you a thing; it will be priceless to those who receive it. When you serve others, that service comes back to you in the form of compassion and gratitude. As you reach out to others, you’ll see that your struggle,  your chaos, your stress is not so enormous, and certainly not insurmountable.

10. Keep The End In Mind. Once you make a list of what you will create for yourself in 2012, write yourself a letter of congratulations, as if you’ve already accomplished those goals. Date the congratulations letter for December 31, 2012. Looking at your future self not only gives you insight into the sweet life you will have but it also allows you to change the cyclical and toxic patterns that stand between you and and your goal. For instance, if one of your goals is to become more fiscally sound, congratulate yourself on saving $5000. That’s when the light comes on and you think, I can’t go on mindless shopping sprees if I’m going to make that happen. 

I want you all to to join me and commit to putting our dreams into action this year as we transform our challenges into opportunities and exceed our expectations in 2012. We can transform whatever we wish to change in our lives, but it begins with transforming our mind-set.

Do you accept this challenge for 2012?

Champions are everywhere; all you need is to train them properly…   ~Arthur Lydiard

All Love,


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