The Red Tails movie got the highest endorsement possible a week before it even opened when President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hosted a White House screening that included a group of Tuskegee Airmen.

The George Lucas’ film about an all-black squadron of World War II fighter pilots was treated like a an STD by the Hollywood establishment — or better yet, treated like the soldiers were when they returned home to Jim Crow — but it was certainly given a full-body bear hug by the First Family and Tuskegee, Ala.-raised radio legend Tom Joyner who was, in fact, in Atlanta

Celebrities have come out in force via social media to promote the film and implore African Americans to flood the theaters in their home town:

“WAKE UP!” said filmmaker Spike Lee. “We Gotta Mobilize To Show Up This Opening Weekend For RED TAILS. Ya Dig? Sho-Nuff.”

“That’s when their legacy vibrates inside of you when you look at the service they did for their country,” said actor Terrence Howard, one of the stars of the film.

Actor and singer Tyrese blew fire onto Twitter when he said, “Red Tails: George Lucas Mr Star Wars himself couldn’t get a major Hollywood studio to support his movie because it’s an ALL BLACK CAST!!”

‘Red Tails’ Trailer

Let’s go support TODAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY!!!!

If our people are to fight their way up out of bondage we must arm them with the sword and the shield and the buckler of pride.                                ~Mary McLeod Bethune



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