Career Spotlight: Medical Interpreter

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This week’s featured career: Medical Interpreter

As a healthcare interpreter, you help non-English speakers navigate through the often-confusing world of medicine, doctors, and hospitals. From explaining what’s going on during a medical exam, to helping patients fill out stacks of healthcare forms, you act as both a guide and translator.

While your job is mainly about communication, it’s also about advocacy. As an interpreter, you represent underserved communities by giving them a voice. Your goal: to make sure language barriers don’t prevent anyone from accessing high-quality healthcare.

The Requirements

Medical interpreters must be bilingual. If you didn’t grow up speaking two languages, you may want to get a bachelor’s degree to polish up your linguistic skills.

In addition, you’ll need some training in medical terminology. Many people choose to enroll in a medical interpretation certificate program. However, because there’s no standardized qualification process, check with your local hospital or clinic to learn their specific requirements.

The Fine Print

According to the US Department of Labor, interpreters can make between $23,000 – $74,000 a year. Plus, this field is expected to grow 22 percent by 2018—which is much faster than average. All these numbers add up to a promising future for medical interpreters!

About the Writer
Annie Favreau works for Inside Jobs, a career exploration site that helps people discover and pursue a career that excites them. Check out the website for more information on medical interpreters, or join in the conversation on Twitter!

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