Hey My Loves!

Journaling has become an important part of my daily life. I have been Journaling since middle school. It all started with a notebook that held the private conversations between me and a classmate. It registered that my life’s experiences were indeed valuable and I owed it to myself to explore and embrace my own thoughts regarding those precious moments. As an adult, it has become soooo much more valuable; I can even go so far as to say it is a necessity.  It helps me to gain clarity about my life. Lord Knows that I am a mess at times. 🙂

Whether you are feeling conflicted or confused, happy, sad, angry, blah or just want to capture the precious moments of life, Journaling is the perfect solution …after prayer of course! 🙂 Your journal will ultimately serve as a lifelong tool for reflection, learning, and healing.

FYI: Don’t be discouraged if you cant keep up with the the day’s events or feelings due to your busy schedule. It most definitely happens to me! To keep it all the way 100, I am a month behind in my journal. It’s not as bad as it seems because I do not have to write something EVERY day. In the event that this happens to you,  I am advising you to keep a calendar (Phone, Wall, or other form) and jot down in short hand what happened. Once you have the time to write, just flip through the calendar to get those memory juices flowing and write! Oh, for a little extra motivation start reading your past entries so that you can evaluate your growth as well as get a good laugh…trust me, there will be a lot of LOLs and SMHs! 🙂

My Business AND Personal Journal

To find yourself, think for yourself. ~ Socrates



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