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I hope your days have been Blessed and FABulous!

Children are something else!! A couple of my new students ALWAYS have something to say about my wardrobe. This particular day, the dialogue went a little something like this…

Student 1: Ms. Joí, are you a Fashionista?

Ms. Joí: No, I wouldn’t say that. I just do my own thing (shrugs shoulders).

Student 1: Well you are ALWAYS dressed up!

Student 2: (Cosigning) Yes, Ms. Joí, you always look like you are about to rip the run way!

Ms. Joí: *Drops Mic and officially an awkward moment* (shrugs shoulders, AGAIN) Well, thank you…

Student 1: Ms. Joí, we want you to wear JEANS, A WHITE TEE (YEP lol), TENNIS SHOES, and no Earrings one Friday.

Student 2: She CAN’T go without earrings!

Student 1: Ok, you can wear whatever color T-Shirt and Studs.

Ms. Joí: (SHAKING MY HEAD)   Okay, Sweets.

So NOW, my Friday wardrobe will consist of JEANS, TENNIS SHOES, A TEE, AND STUDS…

They have NO CLUE that I do not purchase clothing at expensive prices (I def know how to get a Bargain) and the main pieces were found at a THRIFT STORE!! I LOVE these children. They will make you smile and scowl within a second!

Hair: Joí Iman

Long Sleeve Shirt: Express

Sweater Coat: Thrifted  

Belt: Express

Skirt: Thrifted                                                                                                                                       

Tights: Express

Gold Hoops: Express

Ankle Boots: BCBG MaxAzria

Glasses: Brooks Brothers (My glasses are for legitimate seeing purposes) 🙂

Happy Hump Day!

I am a woman in process. I’m just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience, & learn from it. – Oprah

All LOVE, Muah!

About Joí Iman

I am a Southern Belle from Birmingham, AL. I am certainly BLESSED AND FABulous! I command attention without demanding it. I have an air of confidence, finesse, style, and originality. Each day that I am Blessed to see another day, I make it priority to be a Blessing to as many people as I can. I enjoy life and make it a point to have a good laugh daily...Im usually weak. Every day is a learning experience so enjoy the moments even when they dont feel or look good! If you are wise, you will find meaning! I am a business woman. I am passionate about Youth, Black Studies and Fashion, particularly shoes! My passions are visible each day that I am Blessed to see another day! I am embracing one of the greatest points of my life and trying to love every minute of this great adventure. :-) My professional career has included me working with children. While helping children and families is dear to my heart, It is my desire to pursue my other passion, Fashion! My Plans are not always in line with God's Plan sooo I am looking forward to what is to come for Joí Iman. I just need the perfect timing and an opportunity! This site is dedicated to strong and confident individuals who have a love for Well-Being, Fashion, Beauty, and Hair in whatever form. I am interested in who my followers are and how I may be a blessing! This is OUR Journey and I am pleased to share it with you! I want you to become the BEST you can be while embracing and maintaining an air of confidence, style, and originality! I'd love to hear from you You can also follow me on Twitter @JoiIman. All LOVE, Muah!
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