Motivational Monday: WORK THAT


I hope you all had a Blessed and FAB Thanksgiving!!! Feel free to comment or email me to give me the 411 on your Holiday!

I am BEAT as a result of my Holiday adventures so this post will be short and sweet!! Also, I have a quick story for you (again, short and sweet)..

As I mentioned last week, I went to North Carolina for the Thanksgiving Holiday…What an adventure. Thursday, I visited my best friend’s Co-Worker’s home so that I could eat of course. Bless the family’s hearts…smh! They had PLENTY of UNAPPETIZING food. Sadly, we left hungry and baffled by the family’s dynamics/cultural norms (That is a whole nother topic). Anywho, You will never guess what my “Thanksgiving” had become….A $14.00 BUFFET AT GOLDEN CORRAL…Where they do that at?! Please believe that I am thankful that Golden Corral was open and for the means to purchase a $14.00 buffet. Oh, let me not forget the ability to consume a great, fulfilling meal…We have to be Thankful for EVERYTHING!!  🙂 You know McDonald’s was not even open lol. Clearly, that was the spot cause it was PACKED!!! Either families did not bother with the headache of preparing a big meal or their experience was similar to mine! All in All, my Holiday was wonderful! I am thankful that I crossed over safely but I hated to leave…Bitter Sweet! Time to get back in the habit soooo, LEGGO!

Work That-Mary J Blige

Not every Mary J song you learn something from has to be an emotionally driven song about her many headaches in the love department. Ms. Mary can be happy which is visible in “Work That”. I hope this puts a HUGE  smile on your face as you get ready in the morning to face this hot mess of a world. This is CLEARLY an anthem for the constantly misunderstood woman (cause “they gon’ hate anyway don’t you get that?”), stop the self-pity and go “Work That.”

Seek out tht particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, This is the real me, and when you have found that attitude, follow it.                             ~ William James



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