Motivational Monday: Fear is Motivation


I hope you had a wonderful weekend! My weekend was great! I actually got some things accomplished business wise so I am feeling MOTIVATED!! I am looking forward to this 2 day week (Thank you, Lord for the break)! Instead of going home for the Thanksgiving Holiday, I am going to be thankful right in Charlotte, NC! I am looking forward to a wonderful Getaway spending time with my God-sent Beau and best friend! Hopefully, Ill have some pics  and maybe a story or two for you when I return!

Like always, I hope to say something that will enlighten, inspire, and motivate you for the week. Better yet, a lifetime! As I was reading and thinking (two things that I am ALWAYS engaging in), I began to analyze FEAR and its power that we struggle with all too often. I am certain you all can relate.

Fear intimidates many of us from pursuing and reaching our goals. We no longer have to associate fear with negative outcomes. Starting NOW, Fear should be our motivator. Why not turn FEAR around and consider what you stand to lose thereby making you fear failure and as a result giving you the drive needed to succeed!

Making your goals realistic is the key and the only type of goals you should EVER set! These objectives should be achievable in terms of your abilities and resources otherwise you are setting yourself up to fail! If what you established is achievable it makes it easier for getting motivated to tackle each and every objective you’ve set!

Setting realistic expectations for yourself makes taking the first step easier and increasing the probability that you’ll take any action at all! Your motivation should be at its highest level once your embark upon your quest to accomplish what you have set out to do! As progress is being made you realize you ‘can’ do it and if you consider the consequences you face if you decide to quit you should fear failure enough to keep moving forward!

After establishing DOABLE objectives which you have actually undertaken all that stands between you and their successful completion is a total meltdown on your part! Get your butt moving and finish what you started! Once you do I promise you’ll set the bar a little higher for yourself the next time and succeed once again!

The fear of failure is a common one that keeps many from even attempting to establish or reach certain goals and objectives. But what if you fear failure and all it may represent to you in such a way that it can actually strengthen your motivation to succeed! It CAN be done by using the prospects of falling short of any goals for getting motivated! Your human nature focuses on acquiring benefits more so than doing without or even losing them simply because the prospects are more attractive! However, when facing the prospects of a loss of any type the feelings that you experience are another effective way for getting motivated to prevent this from happening!

I want you to step outside of your “comfort box” and enter into an a world of unlimited possibilities. I know it is easier said than done BUT all it takes is a little faith in your higher being, yourself, and your talents. One thing I have learned is that I LIMIT MYSELF…smh! Do not do yourself that disservice. You ARE capable. As Nike says, “JUST DO IT”!

How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?    ~Anthony Robbins

I hope you all have a Safe, Blessed and FABulous Thanksgiving!



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